Whitening Strategies in todays dental office

By Dr. David Pereira

Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars? Drink coffee or tea? Do you love red wine? Have you been doing these for awhile? Sometimes regular dental cleanings can only go so far. A nice white smile is something that is perfect for everyone. It’s the ideal accessory to every social event. The tooth whitening options available in today’s market have a large range. Radio advertising claims of bright white teeth using baking soda and we have seen those Facebook advertisements claiming a white result with special formulations of unknown agents. Then there is also the grocery store approach of white strips from the toothpaste manufacturers, however none of those approaches have the clear, consistent results that a board certified dentist can deliver.

When you decide that what you want is a healthy white smile then a reservation at Greenwich Cosmetic Dentistry is what you need. Our Doctors, Gerald Cohen and David Pereira, utilize the most up to date products available to get you a nice healthy white smile. In as little as 30 minutes we can get you several shades whiter,  getting rid of those bothersome teeth stains that have been there for years. We also give our patients the ability to choose from different whitening options including in office express whitening and long term at home whitening.

Many of our patients contact us before big life events such as weddings, births, engagements or any other photographed family event. When you want to look your best, don’t forget to include a nice white smile. At Greenwich Cosmetic Dentistry we love to say that you are never completely dressed without a beautiful smile. Give our office a call to schedule your visit.

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A Bite Out of History


George Washington wore dentures because he had lost one tooth after another to extraction. He suffered from toothaches all his adult life, and his famous quick temper may have been the result of this pain. By the time of his inauguration in 1790, Washington had only one tooth, his lower left bicuspid. A hole in his lower denture allowed this natural tooth to stick out. When it was time for Washington to sit for his presidential painting, the artist, Gilbert Stuart, thought that his dentures were too short, making his cheeks and lips look sunken. He padded Washington’s cheeks and lips with cotton to restore the natural lines to his face. But instead of looking better, Washington has an overstuffed, grandmotherly appearance in his portrait. Reprinted with permission from “Toothworms and Spider Juice: An Illustrated History of Dentistry” – Loretta Frances Ichord, Millerbrook Press.

implant retained dentureThank God we live in the 21st century and have modern dentistry with custom designed dentures and  Implant retained dentures.

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Should I be worried that my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

Bleeding gums are never a good sign. “If your gums bleed when you brush, that’s your body’s way of telling you that you have plaque trapped under the gum line,” says Dr. Cohen. And that means that it’s time for a trip to our office for a professional cleaning—the only way to eradicate plaque that has already crystalized on teeth.

At home, you can help keep plaque (and bleeding) at bay by stepping up your brushing routine. Dr. Cohen recommends an electric brush that uses a gentle, side-to-side vibrating motion, such as the Sonicare.  Flossing at least once a day will also help with plaque build-up.