Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun at Greenwich Cosmetic DentistryHalloween fun is around the corner! That means carved pumpkins, spooky décor, and lots and lots and lots of candy. Halloween can also present parents with a variety of health and safety challenges. We have provided a few tips for the big day.

-Snacking on candy throughout the day is not ideal for your dental nor diet, so don’t keep the candy bowl too close. Another tip, have your kids pick out their favorites and donate the rest.

-Avoid hard candy or sweets that stay in the mouth for an extended period of time as that plays a role in tooth decay.

-Drink water when you do have a piece of candy to help rinse any particles. Fluoridated water for the kiddos would be even better.

-One treat that is actually good for your teeth: SUGAR-FREE GUM! Chewing sugar-free gum after meals stimulates saliva production, which helps prevent cavities.

-Non-edible treats are also fun! Besides candy, kids enjoy Halloween-themed rings, bloody finger props, glow-in-the-dark wands, etc.

Greenwich Cosmetic Dentistry wishes everyone a happy & safe Halloween!