Oral Health and HPV Virus Link

Good oral health may reduce the risk of HPV related cancers, said a study published August 23 in the American Association for Cancer Research Journal.

The University of Texas Health Science Center research team believes theirs is the first published study to examine the role of oral health in oral HPV infection.  “Overall, this study indicates that poor oral health is an independent risk factor for oral HPV infections. Given that oral hygiene is fundamental for oral health and that it is modifiable, public health interventions may aim to promote good oral hygiene as additional preventive measures for HVP related oral cancers.”

The data included four oral health measures:  self rating of overall oral health; presence of gum disease; use of mouth wash to treat dental problems within the past seven days of the survey and number of teeth lost.  They examined data on age, gender, marital status, marijuana use, smoking cigarettes and oral sex habits, among others that influence HPV infection.

The good news is, by maintaining oral hygiene and good oral health you can prevent HPV infection and subsequaent HPV related cancers.

At your periodic cleaning and check-up, Dr. Cohen always does an oral cancer screening as part of his exam.  For more information, please talk to Dr. Cohen at your next hygiene visit.