White Spot Lesions

White spot lesions can be caused by a number of reasons. Sometimes they can develop based on the person’s genetics, nutrition, improper brushing, or after braces have been removed. These white spots are decalcified enamel which could lead to the deterioration of teeth and can sometimes be the first evidence of tooth decay.

For this young patient, Dr. Cohen decided to do treatment that was minimally invasive. We first started with Venus in-office whitening treatment followed by ICON Smooth Surface resin infiltration. This treatment blends in the lesions with the healthy enamel. ICON infiltration uses micro-invasive technology where no drilling or anesthesia is required, prevents lesion progression, helps lose whitish appearance, and can be easily treated in one visit.

If you would like to know more about this treatment or to see if you would be a candidate, visit usĀ at Greenwich Cosmetic Dentistry.