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Dr. Gerald Cohen DDS takes over Dr. Tierney dental practice

Dr. Cohen's letter to patients

February 25, 2022

Dear Patients,

It has been over a month since Dr. Tierney has retired, and I have had the honor and pleasure to meet so many of you. You were all very well cared for by Dr. Tierney, and I promise to continue that tradition.

The transition from Dr. Tierney’s office to mine has gone smoothly, and we have all the patient records needed to continue your care. In addition, I am very happy to announce that Eva Bodi, at the front desk, has come to work with me, too. Eva will provide an even more seamless process during the transition as she already knows many of you.

A little bit about me: I am a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery; I was in the class of 1990. I love being a general dentist and enjoy a wide variety of dental procedures. I have been very involved in implant-related dentistry for my whole career and have helped countless patients who have lost teeth with their replacement using dental implants. In addition to treating patients, I run a dental laboratory that fabricates all of my patient’s crowns, bridges, and other prostheses; everything is completed in-house and on-site by my expert team.

Our office is dedicated to serving your oral health needs. The office is open Monday through Friday and one Saturday per month, and we are open from 8 am to 6 pm. Should you have a dental emergency, we are monitoring the phones and will respond to your needs. We are dedicated to using the latest technology to enhance our treatment outcomes; digital records, x-rays, and dental impression taking are standard. In the dental laboratory, we design our restorations from digital impressions and use CAD/CAM technology to fabricate your restorations. Recently, we have incorporated the use of a Fotona dual-wavelength laser that allows us to better treat a variety of oral conditions. Our hygienists are available all week for scheduling convenience—a good hygiene program is the cornerstone of any good office.

My associate is Dr. Monika Vermani. In addition to being a seasoned and skilled dentist, she is a board-certified Dental Sleep Specialist. Dr. Vermani treats breathing, sleep and sleep apnea from a dental/oral approach and works closely with all of the medical sleep specialists in our area.

Dr. Vermani, all the staff, and I look forward to meeting all of you over the coming months during your recall visits. Feel free to call the office or peruse the website should you need any information.


Gerald Cohen, DDS

Dr. Tierney's letter to patients

Dear Patients,
It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement as of January 17, 2022. I have been practicing for 34 enjoyable and fulfilling years and now it is time for a new chapter in my life. I have come to know many of you as friends and the relationships we have formed have enriched my life in so many ways. The most rewarding part of my dental career has been taking care of you.

After interviewing and speaking with several highly qualified dentists, I have selected Dr Gerald Cohen to take over my dental practice. I chose someone that I felt would continue in my philosophy, providing you and your family with the same high level of dental care and attention to detail that you are accustomed to receiving. Dr. Cohen and his associate, Dr. Monika Vermani, are available to accommodate your needs with their expanded hours Mon- Fri and twenty four hour phone coverage.

Dr. Cohen graduated from Columbia University's School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1990 and NYU dental implant program in 1997. He has been practicing in Greenwich for the past 20 years and has extensive training and experience in implant and restorative dentistry. He lives in Rye Brook with his wife and twin sons. In his free time, Dr. Cohen plays cello, races cars, and enjoys wine collecting .

Dr. Vermani graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 1998 and in addition to her general dental expertise, she is Board Certified in Dental Sleep Medicine. She lives in Stamford with her husband and two children. Drs. Cohen and Vermani have my complete confidence both personally and professionally and once you meet them, I am sure they will have yours as well.

My team and I will be working closely with Dr. Cohen to ensure a smooth transition. All dental records will be transferred as of January 24, 2022 to Dr. Cohen's beautiful office at 40 West Elm Street, Greenwich. I will be available for transition discussions and consultations until that date. While this farewell is bittersweet, I am thrilled for you to work with Dr. Cohen and his team. It has been an honor and a privilege being your dentist and something that I have enjoyed immensely. I wish you all the best in the future.
Christine L. Tierney, D.M.D.



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