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General & Preventive Dentistry

Greenwich Dentist - General & Family Dentistry

Greenwich Cosmetic Dentistry combines gentle, personalized care, professional service and advanced dental technology.

Comprehensive general dentistry involves the diagnosis and treatment of general conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Greenwich Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile enhances self-esteem, confidence and charisma. Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile, self-esteem, as well as social and career opportunities.

We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to restore the function and aesthetics of your teeth and transform your smile into the one you've always wanted.

We are preferred providers for Invisalign which means we have experience with hundreds of cases.

Our dental restorations are created In-House. This provides our patients with the Perfect Match™ in restorations because color, shape and alignment make the difference.

Dental Implantology

Greenwich Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry

Artificial tooth root replacement for a single tooth, a group of teeth, and dentures is the restoration process of choice for replacing missing teeth.

Dr. Cohen provides implant surgery and restoration treatment in one office.


Greenwich Dentist - Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontic treatment is focused on the treatment of improper dental alignment.

Adults of any age can benefit from correcting misaligned teeth that may make chewing difficult and abnormally wear teeth.

Pediatric orthodontics provide age appropriate and preemptive treatment of children's oral-facial development problems.

Periodontal Dentistry

Greenwich Sleep Medicine - Sleep Apnea & Snoring Therapy and Appliances

Health gums are essential for a beautiful smile and self-esteem.

We offer offer several treatments and therapies based on the stage of advancement of the periodontal disease.

Periodontal Dentistry is focused on the health of the gums.

Restoration Dentistry

Greenwich Dentist - Restoration Dentistry

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons including; decay, gum disease, injury, medical and congenital problems, and wear. Missing teeth have an immediate impact on a person's quality of life and health.

Dr. Cohen provides a variety of dental treatments for the restoration of dental function and replacement of teeth.

Sedation Dentistry

Greenwich Sedation Dentistry

Fear and anxiety should not stop you from getting the dental care you need. People of all ages can experience dental anxiety.

Please share your feelings and concerns with us so we can help you receive the treatment you need at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. We offer many sedation options for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety.

Dental Technology

Greenwich Dentist - General & Family Dentistry

Advanced dental technology in diagnostic, scanning and modeling equipment provide early detection and an low radiation.

Early diagnosis and treatment allow for more conservative treatment plans and reduce the risk of needing more complex and expensive treatment in the future.

Our 3D Scanner allows for more accurately planning of dental implant treatment. Moreover, we provide our patients with more convenience and lower radiation with our on-site technology.

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