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An All-Ceramic crown is usually the best choice for restoring a front tooth that is cracked or broken, or a tooth that is badly damaged and cannot be corrected with a veneer.

Ceramic crowns can be made white and natural-looking. Incorporating dental bonding with all-ceramic crowns potentially can restore both the strength and beauty to that of unblemished natural teeth.

All-Ceramic crowns are color matched to the surrounding teeth making it difficult to tell the difference between it and your natural tooth.

Dental Work and Services

These restorations have no metal and are totally made of ceramic glass sometimes strengthened with a translucent material such as zirconium.

We provide Empress, Procera, and Lava all-ceramic crown systems, as well as computer aided all-ceramic designed crowns.

Feldspathic porcelain is the standard, traditional porcelain that is used for crowns. Many cosmetic dentists feel that this is the most beautiful porcelain.

Types of porcelain used in creating crowns:

Are All Ceramic Crowns the Best Choice for Me?

Porcelain fused to gold offers a great cosmetic option for rear molars when strength of the restoration is a concern. We offer several Dental Crowns and Caps restorative options. Dr. Cohen will help you decide which system is the most appropriate to achieve the strongest and the most natural-looking crowns for your smile.

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