Dental Laboratory

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The In-House Dental Studio Difference

What our Dental Lab means for Quality and Service

Our Greenwich dental laboratory is state-of-the art. An on-site dental lab allows us to fabricate dental components on-site using the finest quality materials and standards to assure you a long-lasting precision fit. Dr. Cohen personally oversees the fabrication of patients’ porcelain crowns. Dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental laminates, are all custom-made right here for a perfect match and fit to the patients' unique requirements.

A Progressive Dental Lab

The dental technicians working with Dr. Cohen have been chosen for their dedication and passion to this demanding field. Dr. Cohen prides himself on the synergy that has come from having our own dental lab to make each patient’s crown or laminate a special expression of who they are. Dr. Cohen and the dental lab staff are continually taking continuing educational courses and learn about the latest techniques and material so that they may better serve their patients.

The Dental Lab Partner in Successful Dentistry

For dental professionals who are interested in finding out about Dr. Cohen’s dental lab, we invite you to view the photo gallery, call us, and visit us.Visit In-House Dental Studio. We will be happy to show off our laboratory and review cases you may want to work on. We are energized by the close relationships we have with the doctors we work with on a regular basis. Doctors often send patients to our lab for on-site porcelain build-ups when nothing short of a perfect match is required. Doctors are invited to accompany their patients, or they may send them on their own knowing that they will be well cared for and that the patient will return to the office from which they were referred grateful for the experience.

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