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An incredible find! Dr. Gerald Cohen is the epitome of top dentistry. He is highly capable and professional in all areas pertaining to his practice. He is caring, gentle and explains every procedure he is performing, making one feel as relaxed as possible. I recommend him highly!
Virginia Sarvalon, Director, The Canaan Ridge School
I first met Dr. Cohen in 2005 through one of his professional associates. I had numerous issues with my teeth, my bite, and a bone infection in my lower jaw. Dr. Cohen was very patient and paid particular attention to detail in developing and implementing a dental treatment plan that has ultimately added to my quality of life in such a positive way.  The implants and dentures that I now have are so wonderful, and fit so well in my mouth, I have no hesitation about smiling, as I did in the past.  My mouth is healthy thanks to him.  Looking back today, and how far Dr. Cohen has brought me in the past 4 years, I feel truly blessed to have met him.  I highly recommend Dr. Cohen for any of your dental treatment plans.
V. Rooks, NY, NY

Patient Reviews

What other Dentists say about Dr. Cohen:

Dr Cohen is a friend and colleague. He is a skilled competent dentist, exceptionally knowledgeable in his profession and possesses great technical ability as a clinician.  As a dentist myself I have conferred with Dr. Cohen on many occasion discussing treatment options for my patients.  As far as my personal opinion regarding his competency as a health care provider, I have entrusted him with my personal dental care and intend to continue that relationship."
Dr. John F. Como, DDS, New Rochelle, NY
I have known Dr. Cohen for over ten years; first meeting at NYU Department of Implantology where we both taught. What makes Dr. Cohen such an excellent dentist are his skills in all aspects of dentistry which are backed up by high ethical standards. Dr. Cohen's lab matches his standard of excellence. I send my lab work to Dr. Cohen's lab because it is where I am confident I will get life-like restorations and the quality my patients appreciate. I do not hesitate to send my patients and family to Dr. Cohen's Office. I value his friendship and respect him as a dentist."
Dr. David Binder, DDS, New York, NY
Dr. Gerald Cohen took over my practice when I retired. Since that time, I have been his patient. I recommend him both for his professional credentials and his patient care.  He truly is the caring dentist I expected he would be when I transferred my patients to him."
Geoffrey W. Robinson, DDS, Riverside, CT
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