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Maureen’s Dental Experience

I love my new teeth. Its nice to smile again and not have to cover my face.

Maureen came to our office because she was embarrassed of her smile and wanted a permanent solution.

Maureen has a busy work schedule and loved the fact that she could get all of the work done in one office. Our office coordinates and treats all of the stages: pre-treatment planning, extraction, implant placement and making the final restoration in our on-site lab. She had oral sedation, which gave Dr. Cohen the time needed to finish the first part of her treatment in one day.


Maureen had her upper teeth extracted, and implants were placed. We made an implant retained bridge, which looks and feels like her natural teeth. She also had 2 implants placed on the bottom that were restored with porcelain crowns.

Her bottom teeth were whitened to match her bridge, and she now has a beautiful smile she is proud to show.

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