Oral Plastic Surgery

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Oral Plastic Surgery Restores Appearence and Function

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Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from disease and sensitivity, and helps produce a great smile. When you experience a loss of gum tissue around your teeth it can be the beginning of serious oral health problems. Exposed roots may be sensitive to temperature change, are more vulnerable to decay, and are associated with loss of supporting bone.

Aggressive tooth brushing and gum disease are two leading reasons that roots become exposed.

Oral Plastic Surgery Rebuilds Gums

Dr. Cohen can perform periodontal plastic surgical procedures to replace the missing gum tissue with grafting procedures. In the past this procedure required that a piece of tissue be harvested from the roof of your mouth to serve as the graft material. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough tissue available or wants to have tissue taken from this sensitive area.

Dr. Cohen uses a product called Alloderm for his grafting.  Alloderm is a safe and effective product widely used in medicine and dentistry. Alloderm provides the missing components needed to restore health to damaged or receding tissue. It leads to fast healing and delivers great cosmetic results.

Dr. Cohen will provide you with more information and help you decide if oral plastic surgery is the most appropriate method to achieve your goals.

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