Cosmetic Dental Recontouring

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Cosmetic Dental Recontouring is a process used to correct minor chips and wear in teeth. It can also be used to improve a patient's dental health by removing crevices or overlaps wherein plaque or tartar has accumulated.

Recontouring while effective is not a substitute for veneers or bonding. If your teeth have a major imperfection like a deep chip or fracture or large fillings, then cosmetic reconturing of the enamel is not recommended.

Imperfections that cannot be removed with recontouring alone may require a combined treatment with cosmetic dental bonding.

Dental recontouring can usually be done without anesthetic as it doesn't affect the living pulp of the tooth. The treatment can be carried out in one or two visits by Dr. Cohen.

Cosmetic Dental Recontouring is used to:

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