Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. They are made out of an acrylic resin and may at times incorporate porcelain or metal for additional structural support. There are two main types of dentures, complete and partial.

Patients who would like their dentures to look similar to their natural teeth or to achieve a desired shade of tooth color may want to consider custom designed dentures and/or implant retained dentures for a superior fit.

Complete dentures and partial dentures are finely crafted and custom-fitted to the patient. Dentures can appear natural and provide a perfect smile. Dentures also help strengthen muscles controlling your facial expressions and help correct pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth.

Dentures may require that some teeth be extracted to improve their fit and functionality.

There are several type of dentures:

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures in Greenwich CT

Complete dentures are replacements for all of your teeth, upper and lower. Their comfort depends on muscle, bones, tongue, and saliva. Patients begin wearing conventional dentures after healing of the gums, if teeth were extracted first.

The advantages of waiting six to eight weeks after healing for dentures are that the dentures will not require a reline or a remake and immediate dentures are not required.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures in Greenwich CT

Immediate Dentures are placed at the same time that teeth are extracted, and may require additional adjustments after the healing process. It can take months for your bone and tissue to stabilize after tooth extractions.

Because shrinkage from bone loss is unpredictable and varies, patients are charged for additional laboratory relines or remake fees

Upper Denture

Upper Denture in Greenwich CT

Upper Dentures, tend to be a bit easier to adjust to. These are made of the same materials as a Complete Denture, but are designed to provide you with upper teeth only. Upper dentures benefit greatly from the use of dental implants. Implant retained dentures provides excellent retention and stability.

Over Denture

Upper Denture in Greenwich CT

Over Dentures are a type of conventional denture similar to Complete Dentures. The difference is that not all teeth are extracted and they use one or more natural teeth for their support. This type provides greater stabilization during chewing. Over Dentures cost more and typically require more preparation dental appointments until the procedure is fully complete.

Partial Dentures

Partial Denture in Greenwich CT

Designed to correct the gaps in your smile when only some of your teeth are missing. Metal attachments anchor the dentures to your natural teeth. Partial Dentures maintain tooth alignment by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting. Partial Dentures can also help prevent your loss of more teeth due to decay or gum disease.

Dr. Cohen will help you decide which denture system is the most appropriate for you.

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